Monday, 16 July 2007

A proxy war

Like a fool, I interjected in a discussion on military chaplaincy on the Faith and Theology blog last Thursday.

I meant to raise my eyebrow at one correspondent's wholesale argument against chaplaincy --- illegitimate as a Christian ministry even if war itself were justifiable, we were told --- which seemed to cry out for contradiction. I told myself that I was thus engaging in a brief police action, in a good cause.

But now I find myself in the middle of a war-by-proxy, with Pacifism and Just War theory sponsoring the two sides. And I have no exit strategy.

There must be a moral in here somewhere.


Ben Myers said...

Hi Bruce -- another reader told me jokingly that I had "started a war" by linking to a non-pacifist post!


Bruce Yabsley said...

Yeah. There's some moral risk in making jokes about this sort of thing, but at least it helps to see the ridiculous side of one's own predicament. (I'd be a less comfortable taking the piss out of someone else's.)

New graphic for you! You're now unusually busy, and two espresso shots are needed where one used to suffice?