Monday, 2 July 2007

Let's be honest

I just added "Christianity" to the official subtitle of this blog, as one of its prevailing concerns. Because, let's be honest: who was I kidding by omitting it?

The tendentious nature of much discussion on theo-blogs still dismays me: it sometimes dismays me when I'm engaged in such discussions. I would hope that my own contributions are reasonable, but this is for others to judge ... and it will not do to affect a distance from these discussions which is not supported by the data.

For the record, I have been known to contribute to the following theo-blogs, in roughly this order:

The Blogging Parson (Michael Jensen)

nothing new under the sun (Byron Smith)

hebel (Matt Moffitt)

Faith and Theology (Ben Myers)

My problem is usually with (some of) their interlocutors, rather than these gentlemen themselves.


Ben Myers said...

And for our part, we have no problem with you! I've really appreciated your input at F&T -- last week, when you were contributing to our discussion on scientific method, I received emails praising the value and quality of the discussion. So thanks for your contribution!

Bruce Yabsley said...

Thanks for the note Ben. By the nature of the form it's hard to know how the discussion is playing with the audience of people stalking the blog, so the feedback is very useful.

byron said...

You are always more than welcome. It was good to meet you in person yesterday. Apologies if our discussion of education became a little heated.

Bruce Yabsley said...

Indeed, it was very good to meet properly.

Apologies if our discussion of education became a little heated.

Not at all: if anything the issue was that we were talking past each other a little, and the forum wasn't really suited to resolving such details. Another time, perhaps.