Thursday, 8 November 2007

Brisbane in the NYT

Australia's fastest-growing city has made the travel pages in the New York Times, under the heading Once Just a Stopover, an Australian City Grows Up.

I was in Brisbane for a week last year at a conference, travelling from our accomodation to the convention centre each day by ferry on the river, and thinking "I could get used to this".

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Alex G. said...

I agree. I moved to Brisbane, 2 years ago and love it. It is a bit slow pace, but not as slow as some people believe. And what is wrong with slowing down in this frantic world pace? It is so great to be 10km away from downtown and still have plenty of trees, forest and green areas. And tons of attractions within 1 hour. Best beaches, dolphin feeding, whale watching. What else can you ask for?